While we persistently look forward for tomorrow's technologies to solve our problems, we must simultaneously look backward, reexamining the Ageless Wisdom on how to understand and enjoy ourselves and others in the process.
— Robert V. Adams, CEO, Xerox Technology Ventures and Past President of the World Business Academy.

Personal Development Strategies

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Information about Michael Benner's Corporate Wisdom programs is now located at MichaelBenner.com. 

Personal Development Strategies are custom designed training programs that continuously improve the performance and satisfaction of people in business — also known as Strategic Training and Development (STD), Human Resource Training (HRT), Total Quality Management (TQM), Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), Learning and Performance Management (LPM), Human Performance Improvement (HPI), Employee Relationship Management (ERM), and Business to Employee (B2E) Relations.
Mission Statement

To successfully empower people at work to discover and continually develop their unique character and genuine potential in service to all concerned.


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