Michael Benner has appeared as a featured guest on:

  • The Tom Snyder Show (KABC-TV, LA),
  • Mid-Morning L.A. with Stephanie Edwards (KCAL-TV, LA),
  • Sunday Morning Show with Doc Brittan (KROQ-FM, LA),
  • The Carole Hemingway Show (KGIL-AM, LA),
  • Feast of Friends with Jim Ladd (KMPC-FM, LA),
  • Impact with Frank Sontag (KLOS-FM, LA),
  • Suzanne Whatley Show (KOST-FM, LA),
  • Toby Knight Show (KOST-FM, LA),
  • Controlling Earthquake Fear with Jack Popejoy (KFWB-AM, LA),
  • Nightbeat with Robert McCormick (KCBS-AM, San Francisco),
  • The Mark Gold Show (KLIF-AM, Dallas/Fort Worth),
  • The Laura Cain Show (KLIF-AM, Dallas/Fort Worth),
  • Middle East in Focus with Dr. Moneim Fadali (KPFK-FM, LA),
  • Something's Happening with Roy Tuckman (KPFK-FM, LA),
  • The Philosopher's Stone with Pamela Burton (KPFK-FM, LA),
  • Midnight Rendezvous with Matthew Gray (KIEV-AM, Glendale),
  • The Mastermind Hour with Mark Bachrach (KFOX-FM, Redondo Beach),
  • Talk of the City with Larry Marino (KPCC-FM, Pasadena),
  • The Radio Rich Show with Rich Dalton (KSD-AM & KTSR-FM, St. Louis),
  • The Gary Null Show on the American Radio Network (214 stations)

Articles about Michael have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, the Orange County Register, the Glendale News Press, the Glendale Gazette, the LA Weekly, and numerous college newspapers. Articles written by Michael have appeared nationally in the Utne Reader and Whole Life Times magazine and locally in Razal Magazine, Glendale Business, Orange County Peace Conversion Times, and San Diego Newsline.

Michael has been a regularly scheduled speaker at the Whole Life Expo, the Philosophical Research Society, the Glendale Mayor's Prayer Breakfast, the Live and Learn Center, the Mind Skills Center in Los Angeles, the Helix Center in Irvine, and the National Whole Health Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada. He also speaks regularly for various businesses, public service organizations and college groups.


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