Michael Benner Makes News . . .

You are, hands down, one of the best talk show hosts to ever open a mic. I'm glad we had the chance to work together at KLSX and KRLA.

Jason Jeffries
Director of Long Form Programming
KRLA Radio, Los Angeles

I have never heard a more enlightening, informative radio program.

— California State Univ.- Northridge, Scene magazine

Benner still raises a challenging, articulate, uncensored voice of knowledgeable dissent, butchering sacred cows while the sun doesn't shine. Listeners constantly marvel at Benner’s remarkable fact recall and admire his skill at verbal jousting."

— L.A. Daily News, Friday magazine

Credit Benner for bringing consciousness-raising back into vogue.

— ibid.

You could call Michael Benner a kind of Norman Vincent Peale of the Left. Benner believes in the power of the mind, only he’s more interested in helping to save his species than enabling salesmen to increase their draw.

— LA Weekly

Michael Benner is fiercely independent. His late-night and early-morning talk show on LA’s KLOS-FM is to many of his tens of thousands of listeners, a no-cream-please burst of enlightenment and inspiration.

— Ibid.

Stewart credits sports psychology expert Michael Benner with opening his eyes to the mental aspect of baseball. "I took what he said about deep breathing and visualization to heart," Steward said. "Now I know I can hit the ball instead of just hoping I can hit it."

— LA Times

 In his Senior year at Burroughs H.S. in Burbank, Spencer Stewart batted .519 (42 hits in 81 at-bats) with five home runs, three triples, and 41 RBIs.

Benner is no ideologue. His conservative views on some domestic issues and his libertarian nature makes this talk show host difficult to label.

— Pierce College, Bull magazine

Benner is known both for his very non-conventional, independent politics and his authoritative views on human potential development. Both of these subjects he discusses and argues for in an extremely articulate manner, which makes listening to him an experience in itself.

— California Institute of Technology, Tech newspaper

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