TWO - Polarity

While the word "one" is somewhat paradoxical in meaning both the whole one and the separate one, the number "two" carries an obvious polarity. During emotional stress, dualism is perceived as extremes, as if all differences are pairs of opposites. By practicing meditation and mindfulness, however, you can realize ever more wholistic views. Becoming mentally rather than emotionally polarized (orientated), allows you to replace unconscious, fear-based reactions with conscious, even-tempered responses selected from the full range of options.

Pairs of opposites = Either ~ Or
Fight or flight - fear based
Polarity = All ~ And
Safe and relaxed - love based
  • you or me
  • us or them
  • with us or against us
  • this or that
  • positive or negative
  • true or false
  • right or wrong
  • good or evil
  • black or white
  • dead or alive
  • everything or nothing
  • and all differences as opposites


Bifurcation — dividing things into two parts — is a reasonable place to begin to understand something. But only two choices is usually inadequate as a list of options.

Throughout the Ageless Wisdom traditions, a Third or Middle Way is taught. Also known as the Mystic's Path, it is symbolic of the harmony and balance seen in diversity expressing as love-truth, known also as wisdom. It is this Third or middle element, the Soul or Son of Spirit and matter, that forms the magical Trinity — a magnetic field unifying the poles allowing the One to manifest as the Many while remaining undivided and undiminished.

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