What is The Ageless Wisdom?

There is a key philosophical concept found again and again in the religions, myths, folklore and legends, arts and sciences of all cultures in all times. Like a Golden Thread running through life's great mysteries, The Ageless Wisdom is a consensus that all physically dense forms are essentially reflections of a sentient energy or Spirit, conscious of itself in varying degrees of manifestation.

This Spiritual Source of All Things — often called God, the Absolute, the ALL, the One Life, the Creator, Supreme Being, or the Ultimate Reality — is both transcendent and immanent:
"Only the transcendent, the complete other, can be immanent without being changed by the becoming of that in which it dwells."
— Meister Eckhart

  • The Transcendent God exists above and contains all material things. In Its Divine Supremacy it is greater than the sum of its parts, that is, more than its Creation.
  • The Immanent God is present within God's material Creation and its creatures. No particle is too small to exclude its Spiritual Essence.

The Immanent view alone — God-in-Nature — is the heretical "pantheism" of the Pagans. An understanding that both views are true — immanent and transcendent — is known an "panentheism."

In His Transcendent Nature, God is the Supreme Source, the Godhead — the One About Whom Naught May Be Said. In Her Immanent Nature, God is the Divine Mother giving birth to and nourishing the material Universe. Together they birth a Son, the center or Soul of the Spirit-matter continuum. In this way, Divinity manifests Itself as a Divine Trinity.

  • One Mind - Father Spirit,
  • One Heart - Son/Soul/Love/Consciousness, and
  • One Body - Mother Matter — physical creation and its creatures. By definition, nothing exists outside of the One Life.

The Magic in the Middle — the Heart of God

It is the magical, mysterious, cohesive magnetism experienced as Divine Love that unifies Father Spirit (the One Life) with Mother Matter (the many forms). The goal of every human, in all religions, is to “seek and find God.” Philosophy and psychology urge us to "Know thyself." The Hermetic Emerald Tablet from Egypt's prehistory proclaimed, "As Above, so below." And so, a Macro (Spiritual) and micro (material) view of things implies a continuum, a spectrum — a center, a heart, a Middle Way, a Spiritual Path. It is the Soul. It is Divine Love from the Divine Heart. As Divine Love, the Soul exists as pure Consciousness (awareness), the Son of Spirit and Matter. As the connection (magnetic field) that bridges, blends, and unites Spirit with all matter, Divine Love has four aspects:

  1. Consciousness — Imbues all living forms with an awareness of their existence; awake, alert, and sentient. Further, human consciousness, unlike other life forms, enjoys free will -- a second level of consciousness that allows us to substitute even-tempered, well-reasoned responses for unconscious reactions (instinct). Such witnessing of life is often called "detachment" and "mindfulness."
  2. Self-RealizationA magnetic, cohesive affinity for discovering and developing your true nature, identity and motive. Secondly, your attraction in all human relationships -- romantic, familial, platonic, and institutional. Thirdly, your attraction to the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms. And lastly, your attraction to particular circumstance and opportunity (karma) -- all within the Ultimate Unity of the One Life.
  3. Manifestation — Connects God to His Creation, the One to the Many, in such a way that God remains eternal, undivided, and undiminished. Also qualifies Spirit as it comes into matter, that is, determines the physical form it will take in thought, emotion, health and behavior.
  4. Refinement Attracts mankind toward the higher, more refined qualities of his Soul, thus drawing the Soul homeward to the Father and the Godhead about which "naught may be said." Transmutes (redeems) human awareness, uplifting its spiritual frequency by means of a longing to be loved, lovable, and loving (the Divine Homesickness). The results include higher values, morals, and ethics plus an enhanced ability to understand ever more inclusive concepts. Healing and concepts of growth, evolution and unfoldment are drawn from us by Love's
    Like the bar magnet above, the pendulum shows the polarities of Spirit and matter, but in a more dynamic way. While the material end of the continuum swings between the extremes or "opposites" of appearance, the Spiritual end remains fixed, unmoved, and unified.






    Eternal - Unified

    Time - Separate




    magnetic nature. As the consciousness of man is uplifted, it becomes ever more aware of itself as an individuated, diversified manifestation of the One Life. Thus "atonement" is recognized as becoming “at-one,” and "alone" as "all one" in spite of physical appearances.

The Ageless Wisdom is also known as the Perennial Philosophy or prisca theologia (Ancient Theology). It is found in Egyptian (Hermetic) Alchemy, Jewish Cabala, the ancient Greek Philosophies, particularly those of Pythagoras and Plato, the Neo-Platonism of Plotinus, Christian Gnosticism, the Rosicrucians and Free Masons, the Sufism of Islam (Muslim), the Yoga of Hinduism, the various Buddhist traditions, Taoism, theosophy and other Western Mystery schools such as new thought, mental science, hypnotism, meditation, prayer, Wiccan and occult white magic, as well as the Shamanic traditions of indigenous people on all continents.

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