What's So Special
About Humans?

The Ageless Wisdom traditions see human beings as living at the center or synthesis of the Seven Kingdoms of God. Just as the three material kingdoms — mineral, vegetable (plant), and animal — support us, we also require the sustenance of three Spiritual Kingdoms — the conscious Souls on earth, the Perfected Souls in Heaven, the Father's Will in Shamballa.

It is in this sense that human beings are said to be "in the image and likeness of God." Only humans have a second level of thinking that allows them to consciously agree or disagree with their unconscious instincts or impulses. Animals, plants, and minerals can only react to external stimulus. Humans can learn to choose how they perceive and respond to events and circumstances.

Humans have dominion* over the earth's ecosystem because only humans can recognize their self-interest in protecting the life-support system as a whole. In other words, only humans can know enough to care about other animals, plants, and the quality of air and water. Many still don't, but their numbers are growing.

* Caretaker, service provider; responsibility in a celestial hierarchy.
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